2021 SnoScoot ES

Från54 900 kr

A perfect fit for the younger or smaller rider

Looking for a sled to fill the gap between a kid's machine (like our cute SRX 120) and a full-size, full price, full-out snowmobile? If so, take a look at the latest SnoScoot - because we've created it for you.
When our customers speak, we listen - and that's why the SnoScoot concept was born. Designed to provide fast, fun and affordable snowmobile adventures for people of a younger age (8+) or of a smaller stature, this remarkable machine is a worthy testament to our experience in over 50 years of building the world's most advanced snowmobiles.
Its size and speed apart, the SnoScoot, from engine and suspension to handling and features - is a 100% fun-packed snowmobile!


Created to suit riders 8+ yrs and up to 155 cms tall
Yamaha quality and DNA all through - like Dad's!
Great riding position - for balance and control
Smooth quiet engine - Yamaha 200cc 4-stroke OHV
Electric start system - easy for little people
Heated hand warmers for having fun in comfort
Double wishbone front suspension and plastic skis
Grippy and hard-wearing Camso® Cobra™ track
Hydraulic disc brake and centrifugal CVT clutch
Lightweight aluminium tunnel with deep foot wells
Mikuni CV carburettor for reliable starting
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